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Seven Knots Productions is a Philadelphia-based film & video production company that creates visually compelling, emotional and personal work.

Seven Knots Productions On Locations Film and Video

Seven Knots began in the midst of a winter music video project amongst a group of friends just looking for something fun to do. The fun became a passion and the passion became an identity. Since that winter, many things have changed, but the idea and motivation behind Seven Knots remains the same.

Seven Knots uses top-level crew members in the Philadelphia area. We are adaptable to the needs of any production, and we have experience working on projects of all sizes.

Bio Tim Harris Owner Director Editor Seven Knots Productions

Tim Harris - Producer, Director, Editor

Tim lives to inspire others by telling the stories of real people through film and video. As the founder of Seven Knots, Tim has put an emphasis on collaboration and approaches each production with a best-idea-wins mentality.

We use Seven Knots for our production needs whenever possible. Tim and his team are just incredible. We can’t recommend them highly enough!
— Molly Boyle, Travis Manion Foundation