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Travis Manion Foundation - Character Revealed

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This new National PSA Campaign for the Travis Manion Foundation aims to inspire civilians, veterans, and families of the fallen to live a life of character, guided by Travis’ mantra of “If Not Me, Then Who…”.

Through intimate portraits, detail shots and an introspective voice over, we hope the viewer looks inside themselves and decides to strengthen the character of their own communities by putting their personal character in to action. These are the faces of real life TMF volunteers.

In addition to a 60-second and a 30-second spot, we also produced seven web videos that delve deeper into the stories of those who we featured in the campaign

National PSA: "Character Revealed"

Client: Travis Manion Foundation
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Atlanta
Director: Tim Harris
Director of Photography: Drew Saracco
Production Company: Seven Knots Productions
Producer: Alex DiSanto
Featuring: Greg Damas, Chris Diaz, Joy Fiegels, Terrence Fenningham, Red Ramos, Pam Zembiec, and Honor Borek
Voice Over: Emily Rose
Editor: Tim Harris
Music: Kevin Graham
Mix/Master: The Josh Jones Group
Assistant Camera/DIT: Matt Hamm
Gaffer: Shane Moore
Key Grip: Mike Fares
Swing: Bill Kirner
Sound: Sean Hoffman
Techocrane Operator: Arthur Ellis
Production Assistants: Andrew Gormley, Taylor Hendrixson, Ryan Rose
Special Thanks: Expressway Productions, Ryan Manion, Josh Jabin, Molly Boyle, Erin Frizzell, Liz Buster, Matt Covington, Pedro Gonzalez, Derrick Morgan, Sean Ehlo, Kelsey Hannah, and Emily McDonough.

TMF: Character Revealed - Pam Zembiec

Pam is the widow of Major Douglas Zembiec (USMC) who was killed in Baghdad, Zembiec tirelessly works to instill the values and bravery of her late husband in their daughter.

TMF: Character Revealed - Redmond Ramos

Red Ramos subscribes to a philosophy of “success through struggle.” After stepping on an IED and losing his leg in 2011, Ramos has consistently found opportunities to thrive, including competing in The Warrior Games and CBS’s Amazing Race.

TMF: Character Revealed - Honor Borek

Honor Borek is a next generation leader, who strives to live by the example of her mother, TMF President Ryan Manion, and her late uncle, Marine 1st. Lt. Travis Manion.

TMF: Character Revealed - Greg Damas

Greg Damas is a next-generation leader who has shown commitment to improving his North Philadelphia community through service projects. He was named TMF’s 2016 “If Not Me, Then Who…” scholarship recipient.

TMF: Character Revealed - Terrence Fenningham

2004 graduate of the US Naval Academy, Terrence Fenningham served as a service warfare officer in the Navy before being medically discharged. Since that time, Terrence has found new purpose serving with TMF as a “Character Does Matter” Ambassador mentoring high-school age youth in Philadelphia.

TMF: Character Revealed - Joy Feigels

A long-time supporter of TMF, Joy Feigles has been with TMF since its inception. She helped to organize one of the first 9/11 Heroes Runs in Doylestown, PA, which has now grown to become a national event, with more than 50 annual runs worldwide.

TMF: Character Revealed - Chris Diaz

From rehabilitating homes for the disadvantaged in the Caribbean to serving as a U.S. Navy Corpsman, Diaz continues his commitment to service and inspires a sense of character that makes an impression.